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    [Discussion] SpicagenMod Froyo BETA1

    M Any posts not related to development will result in an infraction!

    Current version: BETA1

    Warning: making changes to your filesystem can be dangerous! Actually there is almost no way to brick your phone, but remember - you do it on your own!

    README: As you know I got to sell my i5700 because I was getting new phone and I needed to pay for it. I asked you for help in getting new one ONLY for development purposes and... it happened! In only two days you made it possible to keep Spica development work by me going on! : ) THANK YOU all donors! Next week we're starting with really crazy developing!


    Download: - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites! (standard, 73,0 MB, md5: 494280c5da48e5e2651ed3d6bf68b5aa)
    < verified versions with other kernels will be available soon! >
    1. Push it to your SDcard, go to recovery and apply pushed file.
    2. After complete boot make reboot one more time!

    Remember this is still BETA! We guess even after first boot you'll face a little problem with SetupWizard (if you won't set Google account). It's completely normal and will be fixed!

    So remember to backup your data!
    We suggest to use:
    MyBackup - Android app on AppBrain
    Titanium Backup ★ root - Android app on AppBrain

    Package that contains ONLY kernel from SGM BETA1:
    This restores only official kernel. If you installed other kernel with AIO remember that you changed also other files!

    SpicagenMod Froyo, based on CyanogenMod 6.1.1
    Major TODO's:
    - SIM Toolkit & USSD in extended networks
    - BT bugs and avrcp
    - kernel
    - DivX
    - RTL support is coming! [samer72]
    * new kernel WLAN module to avoid SoDs (Lukiqq)
    * final DPad music controls (cadavre)
    * final framework theme text colors (cadavre)
    * possibility of locking Phone and Contacts in memory so phone can be more like phone (cadavre)
    * integrated Intercept3D drivers (cadavre)
    * smooth YouTube HQ playing (cadavre thanks to Intercept)
    * you can use CM and SM .xml theme files now (cadavre)
    * Finnish localization (FI translation team) [fi-rFI]
    * GB green clock text color (Freedom)
    * Parrot autopairing fix (cadavre)
    * latest ADWLauncher (nebkat)
    * looping ringtone (criminal)
    * avoid immediate turning on/off wifi freeze (cadavre)
    * lockscreen overlap fix (cadavre)
    * Live Wallpapers enabled (cadavre)
    * using OpenVPN-android-settings app (cadavre)
    * minor changes (nebkat, piskor, cadavre)
    pre-beta-2 (alpha_b2)
    * [source] vendor & device trees cleaning and fixing (LeshaK)
    * DPad music controls fixes (cadavre)
    * SMParts bug fixes (cadavre)
    * YouTube hq play fix (cadavre)
    * new gapps 20110301 (piskor)
    * new Superuser and su lib (cadavre/criminal)
    * fix for default statusbar text colors (cadavre)
    * OpenVPN fixes (cadavre)
    * HU translation (HU translation team)
    * SMParts translations ( community)
    * "Launcher settings" bug fix (cadavre)
    * 3 secs long-press BACK to kill (cadavre)
    * minor changes (SM team)
    pre-beta-1 (alpha_b1)
    * initial build of SM (cadavre)
    * added SM-froyo specific prop settings (guybrusht)
    * included official Gingerbread theme (cadavre)
    * hi-res png for GB theme (Kyojin)
    * Ubuntu fonts (cadavre)
    * Statusbar music controls (cadavre)
    * settings for HOLD button (cadavre)
    * keep SU in memory to avoid non-granting su access (cadavre)
    * volume button orientation mapping (cadavre)
    * orientation listener changes (cadavre)
    * wake screen on new notification (f.e. sms, reminder, usb...) (cadavre)
    * new CMParts adapted from Gingerbread (cadavre)
    * created SMParts based on new CMParts (nebkat)
    * framework removals: (cadavre)
    - Bluetooth HID
    - mouse pointer
    I think you can use it with any kernel prepared for CM-a8.3.x!
    Huge THANKS to LeshaK and criminal - fathers of Spica modding!
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    For advanced users:
    If you don't want to WIPE your data you must remove line 'format DATA:' from update-script in package. You can try to make it if you want to wait for wiping with some next less-bug release or final version. But remember - it can show some bugs related to old scheme of settings database. Most reasonable way to bypass it is to remove settings.db and make all system apps wipe their data from Settings->Apps->Manage. It is recommended to remove and add one more time your Google account.


    I'd like to thank all ppl that donated me to buy some Spica only for developing purposes!
    There was 17 donors that helped me to buy Spica! I really want to THANK YOU guys for what have you done to me and for community and all other communities that use software developed by us! Thank you one more time!
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