To avoid problems in this topic, I want to create a small note, how to correctly made a thread.

1. Prefixes :
  • Theme - [THEME]
  • Mod : StatusBar, LockScreen, other - [MOD SB]/[MOD LS]/ [MOD Other]
  • Bootanimation - [MDPI]/[HDPI] [Bootanimation]
  • Request - [Req] (for eg. [Req] Porting bootanimation)
  • Problem - [P]
  • Questions - please, post it here <FAQ + HELPDESK> All about 2.3 theming, modding
2. Building thread
After assigning the correct prefix, you must add :

- Screenshots, if you can't, post link to them
- Source - post full source, where did you found it.
- Changelog, can be latest changes
- Download link (orginal, from author)

That's all. Have a nice day.