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  1. Part 2:
    "Did somebody reached gps tethering on spica?"
    All three ways:
    1. adb forward tcp:2947 tcp:2947/telnet localhost 2947 - on laptop;
    2. telnet <spica IP> 2947 on laptop;
    3. telnet 2947 on spica;
    gives empty output.
    Only one different is on point 3. - when I made loop connection on spica I've got "GPSD" chain but any other data.
    Of course any app using gpsd data on laptop does not recognise locations.
    Did somebody got gps tethering working on spica?
    It is not important which way. I wrote about GPStether cause I did not found anything else.
    Samdroid kitchen i5700EXXJC1/leshak@i5700-dev7 #16/LK2.06.beta3

    Then. Could You Johnik post that?
    Или "дайте, пожалуйста, прав для создания новых тем" :-D.
    Большое спосибо.
  2. Hi. I see I am not only one who ask about creating new threads.
    I'd like to ask about gps tethering. If you could post that I would be fully stisfied. I have not to celebrate it myself.
    Part 1:
    "Did somebody reached gps tethering on spica?"
    I ve been tried that software Das GPSTether Projekt
    It is a pity I've got null output. I mean that on spica that app does not send gps data. It opens 2947 port on spica - with adb it is possible to bind that port on laptop and it is possible to connect via wifi.
    I checked also loop connection with "telnet 2947" on androids terminal.
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