Description of the built-in Recovery LK2.xx

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For enter to Recovery:
  • Turn the phone off, then press VolumeDown+Call+EndCall.
  • In terminal enter:
    reboot recovery
  • In SamdoirdTools: Reboot -> Reboot to Recovery

[top]Reboot system now

Enable to reboot phone to Android

[top]Apply sdcard/u

Update system from (on SD card)

[top]Apply any zip from SD

Update system from any update file from SD
3-0.png 3-1.png

[top]Samdroid v0.2.1 backup

Create a Backup of the system (system & data) in a tar format file for the program Odin. The file is created in your SD card/samdroid. Before use, ensure that you have enough space to create a file (requires approximately 700MB). Restore (restore) is produced using Odin.

[top]TAR Backup/Restore

Create Backup using TAR. Archived (but without compression!) all the files system (/system), or your settings, programs (/data).


Ability to select the system or data, files are created in your SD card/samdroid. The file name contains the date/time '_Sys.' , or '_Data.'. Attention! These end can not be deleted, otherwise the recovery doesn't correctly select the necessary partition!



Restore data. You will be prompted to choose which of the files you want to restore. The files will be unpacked on top of existing files with the replacement.

Also there is an option: Restore + format. But first partition will be formatted (with the removal of all files) and then the archive will be unpacked.

Allows you to wipe:
  • Programm/user settings. (I recommend to do during the transition to SamdroidMod with any other mod/firmware)
  • Cache.
  • Dalvik-cache.

[top]Partition sdcard

Ability to 'prepare' SD card to Apps2SD. [COLOR = "red"] Warning! These options will erase all your data on SD card! [/ COLOR]
Repartited into two partitions
  1. FAT32 - as used before
  2. Ext2 - to move installed programs from the internal phone memory.

Available sizes ext2 (remaining space remains under FAT32)

The option 'Delete second partition' to delete the second partition and format the whole card to FAT32

The latter option allows you to format the second partition.


This section allows you to manually mount the partition /system, /data /sdcard
8-1.png 8-2.png

Just an opportunity to gain access to the SD card in recovery without adb and other debugging tools.
Phone connects to your PC and connect the external USB drive (Mass storage)
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